Horchata from Ecuador

Horchata from Ecuador is a herbal tea.... a clear red infusion of 28 herbs that promote good health and tastes GREAT!.

Horchata Lojana from Ecuador, is a very different herbal drink. In Ecuador, Horchata is actually an healthy herbal tea drink made from a mix of medicinal herbs and flowers; it is a traditional drink from the Province of Loja.

It is very common to find horchata stands in cities throughout the Southern Andes selling tall glasses of this drink served warm or cold, Horchata is also served with meals like lunch and other meals.

The special mix of herbs and flowers that are part of this drink include some better known herbs such as; chamomile, rose geranium, mint, verbena, lemon grass, and flax. Other medicinal flowers included in horchata tea are small roses, hibiscus, violets, begonias, carnations, fuschias and malva oloros or malva blanca from the mallow family. Horchata Lojana Tea also includes some harder to find medicinal herbs which include: cola de caballo or horse tail (also known as shave grass), llanten or plantain plant (not to be confused with plantain bananas), borraja or borge, a red leafed herb called escancel, (English: known as bloodleaf) which herb gives the drink its red pinkish color. Another plant used in this Horchata Lojana is ataco or red amaranth, it also contributes to the color of the horchata drink. There are a other plants used, however these only grow in Ecuador and don’t have known English names in Spanish they are; pimpinela, shullo, and cucharillo. 

The Horchata tea herbs can be used fresh, dried or a combination thereof.

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