What is Horchata?

Horchata Tea is a traditional drink of the Sierra also known as fresh water or herbal tea made from 28 herbs.

Different than Horchata from Spain or Mexico rice Ecuadorian Horchata consists of 28 medicinal herbs. It is grown in small natural gardens with no pesticides.

Horchata tea produces tangy, clear red drink and can be made as a hot tea or iced-tea, any time of the day Loja. Horchata which is high in vitamin C is known to facilitate and help the body to heal disease.

According to research students and postgraduate students , the mixture of medicinal and aromatic plants are credited with energizing the body, diuretic, anti- stress, a moisturizing brain tonic, a digestive aid, and kidney cleanser.

"Sometimes faith in those plants makes people heal," said one resident of Ecuador. Horchata a blend of 28 herb such as; Chamomile, Toronjil, flaxseed, mint, atacta, escancel, melissa, Lemmon Grass, verbena, and many other plants.

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